What is MBSHR?

MBSHR is a QR ordering system for restaurants and cafes, allowing online ordering via three channels:

  • From the restaurant (Dine in)
  • From Cars (Pick up)
  • From Home (Delivery)
All orders are done with ZERO commission!

MBSHR provides a very special customer experience for restaurant and cafe customers with a highly customized e-menu that matchs the visual identity of place.
MBSHR provides a queuing system for crowded places, to enhance the customer experience!

MBSHR Features:

Basic Features

Editable Content

All Menu contents can be edited including dishes’ pictures, prices, contents, descriptions and prices

Better User Experience

Easy to browse, pictures-based menu

Table 1

Unique QR Code

Each table has its QR code to enable customers to place orders directly from their mobile phones

Serving Dine in

Customers can add, drop items that comply with their special requests with zero person-to-person interaction.

Serving Pick Up

Customer scans the pick-up QR code – instead of honking to someone to respond – and place their orders directly from their vehicle or home.

Serving Delivery

Deliver your products with 100% commissions free

Interactive Features

Interactive E-Menu

Let your customers create a favorites list of dishes

Grow up Social Media Followers tree

MBSHR is connected to your restaurant’s social media accounts to increase the customers’ engagement with your restaurant.

Survey Customers Oponions

Simple feedback form is given -automatically- to the customer to fill. Along with the button of like and comment.

Integration Features

Integrated with Cloud POS

Receive customers' orders into your POS directly, our system is intergratable!

Payment Gateway Integration

Receive the online payment directly to your bank account without third-party commission!

Integrated With Admin App

Use PDA or mobile application to manage received orders

Advanced Features

Friendly Administration Panel

With adminstration Panel you can manage everything in your place's menu, and show very important information about the place

Data Analysis

MBSHR’s menu can provides comprehensive data analysis that allow you to modify your menu to elevates the sales in a data-based way.

Loyalty Program

MBSHR enable you to know your customer by showing you the count of orders & visit per customer

Q-Line Features

MBSHR change the concept of Queuing!
MBSHR allows you to streamline your customers with its reservation system, whether the customer is home or around. It allows customers to make reservations before coming and get notifications via SMS and WhatsApp on when they can come.